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Friday, July 09, 2004

Multi-State Poll Roundup

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I'm a little pressed for time at the moment, so I'll just go ahead and point you over to Markos's poll round-up. He has about a bazillion states there.

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Speaking of polls, the Economist this month (cover page: "The dream ticket?" with a photo of our golden boys grinning away) ran its first Economist/YouGov poll. After making a large deal on page 9 about how Edwards won't help Kerry as much as he thinks ("Mr. Kerry is unlikely to get elected as the purely 'Anybody but Bush;' candidate"), and reprinting the VP-candidate assessment series we've all seen before, plus one of the usual how is Bush doing, they tossed out a few comparisons. Kerry falls behind Bush by one percentage point (the graphs are on p.25) in the overall comparison, right after the how's-my-driving Bush questions. In comparing how the two would do on various issues, Economist has Kerry leading Bush in all but a few areas: Conduct of war in Iraq, Conduct of war on terror, Taxes, Relations with Allies (this one astouned me -- what? Who could possibly do worse?), tied on crime and same sex marriage. The Brits are apparently worried that Edwards' greatest charm, being a shooting star pol rather than a lifer, is also his greatest liability, for Cheney is nothing if not bully-smart, and will most likely cast the VP debate in terms of sound experience. Finally, they caution that the VP, is after all, but a drop in the bucket, and worry that Kerry's inarticulateness on the college essay of why he should be president still have him damned. Decent articles, but I am still gladdened to see Kerry/Edwards on the front page of the Times.

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