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Thursday, April 22, 2004

George Will Looks at Arizona

Posted by DavidNYC

George Will has an interesting and very fair-minded take on the situation in Arizona this year. (Free registration required for Washington Post.) Though it's been a reliably Republican state since, well, forever, demographic trends have finally turned AZ into a swing state. One thing Will can do that we here at the SSP can't is pick up the phone to Gov. Janet Napolitano. So go check out what she has to say - and come back here to leave your thoughts.

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I have friends who live in Arizona. There's definitely a different mentality that exists out there than in the Northeast. It's the old west, people who generally don't like the federal government meddling with their affairs. A lot of the retirees are also quite conservative, because they come from the conservative Western states, unlike Florida where many retirees come from the liberal Northeast.

I guess, imigration from Florida, Mexico and the East Coast is slowly changing the political landscape in Arizona. Also, as the younger generations grow up, perhaps they aren't so anti-government and are more interested in issues like environmental protection that require government intervention.

Clinton won Arizona in 1996, but Ross Perot helped out a lot. Kerry will have to make a big effort to win Arizona in 2004. Picking Gov. Richardson of neighboring New Mexico would go a long way in helping that effort. That would seeem to be the best VP for Kerry at this point. The hispanic vote is quickly becoming importmant in American politics. Richardson has the qualifications to be VP.

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That should read migration from California, not Florida. In any case, the demographics in Arizona are slowly changing. The old guard, old west mentality is slowly fading.

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I relocated from Philly to Flagstaff and am enjoying what I find to be a demographic buffet!! For example, a very large student base, active in the community and those of us who have relocated from [liberal] states such as PA or CA. I have to agree w/ Rock_NJ that there is a different kind of mentality out here - - what you might perceive first is something of a 'redneck' mentality - - but there is absolutely a hippie, feedom-loving, peace and anti-bush counter-culture, and for that, I am thankful!!

I feel pretty strongly that John Kerry has a good shot at winning AZ - - just as Gore did. And so far, I feel that Janet Napolitano is a very good governor - - but then again, as someone who worked on the Rendell for Governor campaign in PA, my opinion could be somewhat biased!!

Also, you may know now Rock_NJ, that unfortunately, as posted here at this site, Mr. Richardson has a couple of 'skeletons' in his closet, and as much as it makes no difference to us and as effective as we believe he would be as Kerry's second, I don't believe it's likely to happen.

Any thoughts on who Kerry is looking hardest to offer the job?? I honestly feel Kucinich to be the absolute smartest of the candidates - - think he could pull it off? Perhaps, the greens might go for a ticket like that - and steer clear of voting for Nader...

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