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AZ-Gov: Goddard Leads Second Poll; SSP Changes to Tossup

by: Crisitunity

Tue Sep 29, 2009 at 1:20 PM EDT

Rasmussen (9/27, likely voters):

Terry Goddard (D): 42
Jan Brewer (R-inc): 35
Some other: 13
Not sure: 11

Terry Goddard (D): 44
Fife Symington (R): 37
Some other: 9
Not sure: 10
(MoE: ±4.5%)

It's becoming very clear that Democrats have a good shot at a pickup in the Arizona governor's race, where appointed Republican governor Jan Brewer is struggling, both in her own primary and against Democratic AG Terry Goddard. Last week's PPP poll giving a big edge to Goddard (beating Brewer by 10 and Symington by 23) seemed fluky at the time, but now Rasmussen is out with numbers almost as good. Now that Brewer's seeming weakness has been thoroughly quantified, we're moving this race to "Tossup."

Rasmussen finds Brewer laboring under a 37/57 job approval and 42/54 favorable. Compounding her situation, Brewer couldn't have helped herself with remarks last week dissing Phoenix (calling it a "hell hole"), where most of the state's voters are, while at a Tucson appearance. Convicted-then-pardoned ex-Gov. Fife Symington, inexplicably looking for a comeback, fares even worse at 36/54 favorable, while Goddard is at 54/38. (Rasmussen doesn't test state Treasurer Dean Martin, who also seems a likely GOP primary opponent to Brewer.)

RaceTracker: AZ-Gov

Crisitunity :: AZ-Gov: Goddard Leads Second Poll; SSP Changes to Tossup
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This seems like a great opportunity
to regain an old seat.  When is the AZ primary?  I'm curious if whoever wins the contested GOP primary will have a chance to regain their footing before the general.  It looks like whoever wins the GOP nod will be severely bloodied in the process.

If Brewer of Symmington win the primary
Goddard may be able to turn Maricopa county blue in that race.

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It seems to me
That if you win Arizona as a Democrat, by a margin of more than 2-4 points, you win Maricopa doing it, Obama got 45% statewide, and still bot 43-44% in Maricopa I believe.

Call no man happy until he is dead-Aeschylus

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Plenty of time for Brewer, Symington, and anyone else running in the primary to bloody each other and not enough time to recover before the election.

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28, New Democrat, Female, TX-03 (hometown CA-26)

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That sounds like perfect timing to me!

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If these kinds of poll results continue
it might ultimately be well-justified to rerate this Lean-D.

"I'm not a member of any organized political party, I'm a Democrat!"
--  Will Rogers  

To be fair
It's not as though she doesn't have a point about Phoenix. What an armpit.

22, Democrat, AZ-01
Peace. Love. Gabby.

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