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Monday, October 30, 2006

Coming to the Swing State Project: User Diaries!

Posted by DavidNYC

An exciting bit of site news to share - in fact, the biggest change to the Swing State Project since its inception: We're going to be re-launching the site shortly on the SoapBlox platform, which means we'll now have user diaries! Just like on DailyKos and MyDD, all Swing State users will be able to share their thoughts in full-length format. We'll be moving the site over soon, once we work out the last few technical issues. But you can have a look at the preview site here:


The URL is only temporary, so no need to bookmark it - we'll be switching the domain names shortly. But feel free to sign up for a user ID and post a comment or diary. You'll find the "Recent Diaries" box in the right-hand column, just below the Campaign Engine ad and the box titled "Menu." (Just be warned - everything on the preview site will get wiped clean at some point soon.) If you run into any technical difficulties or see anything that looks out-of-whack, send us an e-mail.

I'd also like to thank Paul at SoapBlox for all his hard work in getting the new site to look almost exactly like the current version, down to the last pixel. And of course I'd like to thank my very good friend Ben at Media Mezcla for managing the transition on this end and for three years of tremendous service in maintaining and expanding this site. If you want a blog with diaries, Paul is definitely your guy. And if you want a sophisticated Movable Type site or a fantastic campaign software package, talk to Ben.

So go, have fun, play around and report back if need be. We'll post another announcement when we're ready to make the swap final.

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Woot! You are so going to love SoapBlox. We love it at Burnt Orange Report. And to think that we had caught yp to you in traffic.

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