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Thursday, March 02, 2006

MS: One of Two

Posted by DavidNYC

Thanks to the prescient RBH, here's the MS SoS press release on which congressional candidates have filed. There are several Democrats running against Wicker in MS-01, but alas, no Dems filed to run against Pickering in MS-03. Still, for a state as red as MS, I'll take it.

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The short summary of the races

The Senate: Trent Lott will probably cruise here. It's comforting to see that more Democrats than Fleming filed.

Also, the turnout of candidates in the 1st district is pretty nice.

The 2nd district will produce the most interesting matchup as Chuck Espy could beat Bennie Thompson in the primary. I forget when the last "Thompson wants more help to beat Espy" story was published.

The 3rd district matchup blows hard for any third district residents. Jim Giles is the one guy who is worse than Pickering. In other words, Jim Giles is an absolute racist nutjob.

The 4th district should be a huge blowout. McDonnell ran against Taylor twice and lost to Taylor by huge margins.

Gene Taylor (D) - 78,661 (77.81%)
Randy McDonnell (R) - 19,341 (19.13%)

Gene Taylor (D) - 153,264 (78.84%)
Randy McDonnell (R) - 35,309 (18.16%)

Yes, while Bush was cruising to a huge victory in MS-04 back in 2000 (66/32, I think). Taylor won with 79%.

Taylor probably breaks 80% in 2006.

The problem with the Democratic Party in the South is pretty short and hard to solve right now.

They don't have an idea of how to make themselves unique while keeping themselves electable.

Gene Taylor's 2005 NJ ratings are interesting too.

Economics: 55/44 Liberal
Social: 73/27 Conservative
Foreign Policy: 54/45 Liberal

(As the 2006 Almanac of American Politics says: "Taylor is a peppery populist with a reasonably consistent view on issues. He is against abortion, gun control, free trade, foreign aid and federal deficits.")

Heck, 2 of 5 isn't too bad (I would say 3 of 5, but i'm in a bit of a minority in the Dems when it comes to guns. ;) )

And Taylor got himself brownie points for awhile with his "When George Bush was chasing girls at Yale, Wesley Clark was chasing Viet Cong in Vietnam" quote in 2004. (That went over with the White House as well as you would expect)

Ok, that's probably all when it comes to Mississippi.

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