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Saturday, January 14, 2006

NJ-Sen: Andrews Won't Challenge Menendez

Posted by DavidNYC

Rep. Rob Andrews has said he won't challenge Rep. (and soon-to-be Sen.) Bob Menendez in a primary this year. Tom Suozzi could learn a thing or two from Andrews:

"The idea of engaging in a primary that would drain resources away from our Democratic Party, that would distract us from taking on the fight we ought to be taking on in the fall, is the wrong thing to do," Mr. Andrews said in a news conference at the State House.

No word yet from Rep. Frank Pallone, but I'd guess he'll decline to challenge as well.

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Smart move by Andrews. A primary on Menendez would've been nasty and a lot of people believe that Lautenberg will retire in 08, and you have to believe that if that occurs Andrews will be one of the top candidates to try to replace him.

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