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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

NE-01: Moul (D) Makes it Official

Posted by DavidNYC

Former NE Lt. Gov. Maxine Moul has filed to run against Republican Rep. Jeff Fortenberry in Nebraska's first Congressional District in the eastern part of the state. Though Moul stepped down from her job in 1993, I have to imagine that a former Lieutenant Governor running for Congress ought to make a pretty strong candidate. (Moul beat four other candidates in her original Lt. Gov. primary.)

Furthermore, Fortenberry is a freshman, which means he's at his most vulnerable. Nebraska's Democratic Party has also been reinvigorated of late. That said, this district went for Bush 63-36, so we're talking Chet Edwards territory (ie, very thin air for Democrats). However, Fortenberry dramatically underperformed Bush in 2004, winning by just 54-43.

Moul doesn't appear to have a website yet, but she's going on a launch tour. If you live in NE, you can check out her event locations and dates here.

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Nice to hear that Maxine has made it official. I'm pretty sure that Matt Connealy is running for re-election in the Unicameral Legislature.

And I don't think NE-1 is quite Chet Edwards territory (Chet's district went 70-30 for Bush). I think "Chet Edwards territory" can be used for any district that gave Bush more than 2/3rds of the vote. NE-1 can be declared "Pretty Darned Red" though.

Maxine Moul, Jim Esch, and Scott Kleeb are a pretty good trio when it comes to Democratic candidates in Nebraska.

And NE-2 is actually the most Democratic of the three districts.

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