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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

CT-Sen: Lamont is Looking for CTers

Posted by DavidNYC

Ned Lamont says he'll run against Joe Lieberman if and when he gets 1,000 CT residents to sign up on his website. According to Markos, he's gotten 300 so far, plus another thou from outside the state. Considering that Lamont's website has been pimped on the front page of DailyKos multiple times since Saturday, those numbers don't strike me as terribly strong. I mean, the guy's not asking for contributions - just name, e-mail and ZIP. Then again, CT is a small state, and Lamont is (apparently) limiting himself purely to people who are in the thick of online activism. Nonetheless, I expect he'll hit his millennium mark soon enough.

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Now that we KNOW who the turncoats are in the Senate, those republicans posing as Democrats (e.g., Conrad, Lieberman, Nelson (bof' em))
can you give me the states and office phone numbers of their State Democratic Committee?

Just as the freedom riders came to Birmingham to help us overthrow the segregation laws there, I want to both support liberal Democrats to run against these ignorant/bought/apathetic hacks and work for them. I did it for Kerry in New Hampshire and regret not going to Ohio. No more regrets. I want my country back.

Here's my phone number, Mr. Lamont. 781-575-0054 Give me a call. And please, YOU call airamericaradio.com at least on 3 shows: Rachel Maddow (from Northhampton, Ma.), Steph Miller at 9am (1-800-STEPH12) and Ed Schulz at 3 pm (1-800-WEGOTED). They LOVE providing free soap boxes for progressive Dems.

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