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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Signs of the Times?

Posted by DavidNYC

The CW is emerging, and so far, it's a pretty picture for Team Blue. It's one thing for Dems to crow. But when the traditional media start repeating Democratic talking points as conventional wisdom, that means we've won the battle for Wednesday as well as Tuesday. Read `em and smile:

New York Times 1:

Democrat Wins Race for Governor in Virginia

Lt. Gov. Timothy M. Kaine, a Democrat, won the race for governor on Tuesday night, scoring a major political victory for his mentor, Gov. Mark Warner, and sending a powerful message that President Bush's political standing has fallen in this reliably Republican state.

New York Times 2:

Stinging Defeats for G.O.P. Come at a Sensitive Time

After months of sagging poll ratings, scandal and general political unrest, the Republicans badly needed some good news in Tuesday's elections for governor. What they got instead was a clear-cut loss in a red state, and an expected but still painful defeat in a blue one.

WaPo 1:

In the Suburbs, Backlash Against Republicans Hits Hard

An anti-Republican sentiment spread across Northern Virginia yesterday as voters overwhelmingly cast their ballots for Democrats, sweeping aside the traditional Virginia formula in which Republicans carry the outer suburbs and Democrats win the inner ones.

In winning the election for governor, Lt. Gov. Timothy M. Kaine (D) took Loudoun and Prince William counties, something Mark R. Warner (D) couldn't accomplish when he was elected governor four years ago. Kaine also received nearly three in four votes in Arlington and seven in 10 in Alexandria.

WaPo 2:

A Triumph For Warner, And a Guide For His Party

Virginia's quadrennial search for a governor featured neither charismatic personalities nor dominant policy initiatives. But Democrat Timothy M. Kaine's resounding victory over Republican Jerry W. Kilgore nonetheless provided important political lessons for the commonwealth, and maybe the country.

The outcome marked what feels like a dramatic strengthening of Democratic appeal in Northern Virginia, the state's richest and most populous region. It showed that Republicans can no longer depend simply on the power of their party to win statewide and demonstrated the dangers of a negative campaign. It presented an intriguing campaign model for Democrats, in which religious faith plays an important role. And most of all it demonstrated the appeal of Gov. Mark R. Warner (D), for whom this could become the first stop of a presidential campaign.

Richmond Times-Dispatch:

Democrat Tim Kaine elected governor

Democrat Timothy M. Kaine easily defeated Republican Jerry W. Kilgore for governor last night, dealing the GOP a blow in a second consecutive gubernatorial election.

The contest for governor was also a defeat for President Bush, who put his prestige on the line Monday night by making an eleventh-hour campaign stop for Kilgore.

Wall Street Journal:

Democrats' Wins Pressure Republicans

Democrats easily held the governorships of Virginia and New Jersey, while California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger was heading for defeat on all four of his reform initiatives, deepening Republican anxieties about the political cost of President Bush's second-term troubles.

In New Jersey, Democratic Sen. Jon Corzine defeated Republican business executive Douglas Forrester after a bitter campaign in a state that Mr. Bush lost in both his presidential campaigns. More disappointing to the White House was Democratic Lt. Gov. Tim Kaine's win over Republican Jerry Kilgore in conservative-leaning Virginia despite a last-minute campaign appearance by the president.

USA Today:

Democrats win New Jersey, Virginia governor races

Democrats won hotly contested governor's races Tuesday in Virginia and New Jersey on an Election Day closely watched for hints of how the 2006 races might shape up.

The victory in Virginia by Democratic Lt. Gov. Tim Kaine over Republican Jerry Kilgore came despite an appearance by President Bush at a last-minute rally for Kilgore on Monday. The president had rolled up a 9-point victory in the Republican-leaning state in his re-election race last year, but his job-approval ratings there have since fallen into the low 40s.

Newark Star-Ledger:


With stunning ease, Democrat Jon Corzine was elected governor of New Jersey yesterday, defeating Republican Doug Forrester in a campaign that turned out to be the most expensive and negative the state has ever seen.

LA Times 1:

No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No

In a sharp repudiation of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Californians rejected all four of his ballot proposals Tuesday in an election that shattered his image as an agent of the popular will.

LA Times 2:

2 Wins Lift Hopes of Democrats

Democrats swept gubernatorial elections in New Jersey and Virginia on Tuesday, sending new tremors through Republicans worried that President Bush's sagging popularity may drag down the party in next year's midterm elections.

Got more to add? Post `em in comments!

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Personally, I think it is a sad day that we have to revel, cheer, and glow is the misfortune of "the other party". But, heck, I will be glowing all day. Thanks for compiling this. One would hope that not only will THAT party wake up and hear what the people want, need and feel, but they might even start listening to those who have other opnions and ideas. Maybe, just maybe, our dialogue can be embraced by thinking and breathing officials on the other side - not brick and mortar.

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