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Monday, November 07, 2005

Santos Dominates Debate with Vinick

Posted by Bob Brigham

Zogby has been busy, in addition to the new Battleground States Poll, they also did a poll directly following tonight's The West Wing debate with Democrat Matt Santos and Republican Arnold Vinick. The press release from the pre-debate numbers:

Santos, an Hispanic character played by Jimmy Smits, would win in a landslide over Vinick, played by Alan Alda, capturing 59% of the popular vote, compared to 29% for Vinick, the poll shows.

The survey comes as the characters prepare to face off in an unprecedented live debate to be broadcast during Sunday’s episode of The West Wing.

In one of those weird life imitating art imitating reality situations, some Democrats might be interested in what the Santos character brings to the table to allow him to win Independents 3:1 and get 29% of Republican voters. Zogby also polled directly following the debate, some questions from the poll after the jump...

How often would you say you have watched presidential debates in the past - do you always watch them, do you see most of them, have you seen a few of them, or do you never watch them?

Assume for a moment that the circumstances portrayed in The West Wing were real (that Josiah Bartlet was President, and that Matt Santos and Arnold Vinick were candidates for President). Now, based on their performance in the debate tonight, who are you more likely to vote for for President of the United States - Matt Santos or Arnold Vinick?

Who do you think won the debate - Matt Santos or Arnold Vinick? [...]

Did the debate seem realistic to you, or do you think that what happened in the debate would never happen in real life?

Which would you prefer to watch - the debate you saw tonight on The West Wing, or a real presidential debate?

The new numbers should be up soon.

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