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Monday, November 28, 2005

CA-50: Dukestir Resigns

Posted by DavidNYC

Ah, it's nice for a prediction to pan out every once in a while. November 6th, yours truly:

Now, DeLay has decided to hold on to his seat despite his indictment, but some of his fellow Republicans are allegedly incensed by that decision, and I don't blame `em - who wants that kind of albatross for a necklace? But while DeLay can probably sink his nails in and cling to life, Cunningham doesn't have a friend in the world. If he has any brains, he'll resign if he's indicted - why would he want to be criminally indicted lame-duck Congressman for a year?


Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham tearfully resigned Monday after pleading guilty to bribery and admitting he took $2.4 million to steer defense contracts to conspirators using his leadership position on a congressional subcommittee.

So, actually, the Dukestir was one step ahead of me - he had a final trick up his sleeve. He plead guilty before the prosecutor issued any indictments. Sneaky, sneaky. Anyhow, been nice knowin' ya. What this means now is that we've got yet another special election brewing, in a district Bush carried by just 55-44. Our candidate is Francine Busby - go check her out.

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