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Monday, October 17, 2005

VA-Gov: Kilgore Still Pals with Rove Despite No-Show

Posted by DavidNYC

Karl Rove was supposed to headline a fundraiser for Jerry Kilgore. Why Kilgore wanted Rove to show up in the first place is a bit mystifying: Even in Republican Virginia, Bush has a mere 40-58 approval rating. I dunno about you, but I usually don't want the top aides of guys who are 18 points in the hole anywhere near my campaigns.

So maybe Jerry Kilgore got wise, because Rove failed to show this weekend. Of course, Kilgore is claiming otherwise. He says that didn't know why Rove bailed, and he's also saying (perhaps with a metaphorical gun pointed at his head) that he wishes Rove could have been there:

Still, he said he would have had no qualms about sharing the spotlight with Rove or embracing close aides to President Bush.


Kilgore disputed the notion that the problems of the Bush administration could hurt his chances, citing Virginia's election four years ago.

Bush "has been a big help to me in this campaign," Kilgore said.

Keep on repeating that to yourself, Jerry.

It wouldn't surprise me in the least if Bushco demands loyalty tests - ie, you'll appear with our guys whether you like it or not. I think Kilgore escaped on a technicality - Rove probably is too embroiled with the ongoing Plame investigation to do campaign appearances. But given that Bush prizes loyalty above all other traits, I hardly think they'd permit disloyalty just because it might win the Republicans a few campaigns.

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Dick Cheney was in VA today for Jerry Kilgore... saw it on the news this morning. Great story. Basically, Tim Kaine campaigned today with Mark Warner, the most popular governor in the history of Mason Dixon polling, and Jerry Kilgore got blown off by one reprobate and campaigned with another.

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