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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

MT-AL: Erik Iverson Embarrasses Congressman Dennis Rehberg

Posted by Bob Brigham

Representative Denny Rehberg, who represents Montana's lone congressional seat is having some serious staffing issues. In a move that is sure to further erode Congressman Rehberg's limited respect from both Republican and Democrats, Rehberg's Chief of Staff is getting a great deal of attention for overshadowing his boss. Now that this is becoming gossip across Montana, it will be interesting to see how long Rehberg waits before getting rid of Erik Iverson:


Iverson, Rehberg’s protégé and top advisor, has been tromping around the state under the guise of representing his boss at official events. But to many observers, Iverson is positioning himself to run for high office, even the U.S. Congress.

And then there are Iverson’s countless on-record newspaper antics. In politics, there’s a code Iverson breaks often that says “thou shall not overshadow the boss.” He clearly doesn’t care. Beyond that, the art of subtlety is lost on Mr. Mini Me. [...]

At a Hi-Line event to promote Amtrak last spring, Iverson gave a speech that reportedly left the audience scratching their heads. “I couldn’t tell who the Congressman was,” one observer said. “His whole speech was me, me, me (Mini Me). He barely mentioned Rehberg.” Ouch.

And at the kick off ceremony for the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial in Fort Benton, Iverson was “giving his own campaign speech, no two ways about it,” said another witness.

Congressional Rehberg is a remarkably unremarkable politician best know for living on his capitol hill office couch. The excesses of Erik Iverson provide further reinforcement of the fact his boss is an easily overshadowed lightweight.

Hat tip to Left in the West

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