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Thursday, October 20, 2005

MO-Ballot: Wingers Eating Wingers

Posted by DavidNYC

A few days ago, we wrote about the pro-stem cell measure on the ballot in Missouri next year. Ultra-wingers want Republicans to oppose it, while big business is pushing hard for it. GOP politicians are trapped in the middle, and it's already causing rifts. Governor Matt Blunt is the first victim:

The Board of Directors of Missouri Right to Life announced today that Governor Matt Blunt can no longer be considered pro-life because of his support of an initiative petition that would establish in the Missouri Constitution the right to do cloning and embryonic stem cell research, and to use tax dollars to pay for these procedures.

Hopefully incumbent Sen. Jim Talent - up for re-election against a very strong opponent, State Auditor Claire McCaskill - will get tripped up in this whole mess, too.

(Via Jim Hacking.)

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At least in my part of the country (Minnesota), if you asked the average person to write down their 25 most important issues, I suspect you'd be lucky to find the stem cell issue on too many people's list. It blows my mind that there are places in the country where this issue is a make-or-break issue. I couldn't believe it the week that Frist came out in favor of stem cell research and it dominated the weekly political shows, even though what I thought was a much more potent political issue (the schism among organized labor) also occurred that week.

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