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Monday, October 03, 2005

Harriet Miers Homosexual Agenda and the Republican Party

Posted by Bob Brigham

Last week, Gay Republican David Dreier was (briefly) annointed as Republican Majority Leader, until the radical right realized he was gay and flipped out. The fact Congressman David Dreier was even considered was perceived to be a major slap to the conservative base.

Harriet Miers does not have much of a paper trail, but there is clear records documenting her support for gay rights. And, gay adoption. Did Bush really ignore the entire Christian Right and nominate a lesbian and gay support for a lifetime gig on the Supreme Court? So far, this is the only paper trail available.

This has set up a scenario where the Republicans are heading into the 2006 election cycle, without the support of their base.

This began during the filibuster battle. The GOP blogs called it their Not. One. Dime. campaign:

Not. One. Dime. The next time Ken Mehlman sends you a request for money, that's the message he needs to get back. We ponied up in 2004, and in 2002, and in 2000. The GOP not only has not delivered, its current leadership won't even try. Frist and Rick Santorum claim they don't have the votes. Balderdash -- they don't have the leadership to get the votes. I'm not going to fund or support people who won't try to win, especially when the issue is so important.

Not. One. Dime. We're not in an election year, so this makes it easy for the Republicans to get this message to party leaders. No balls, no Blue Chips, boys. I don't mean just for the Senate, either. I mean for the entire Republican party. Feeding a fever may be good medicine, but feeding a failure only makes it last longer. Perhaps hunger will work where courage has so obviously failed.

Not. One. Dime. And when a vote does come, those Republicans who wind up supporting the minority's extortion over the majority in defiance of the Constitution will never see another dime from me -- but their opponents will, at every level of contest. Honestly, with Republicans like these in the Senate, we may as well have Democrats.

Not. One. Dime. If Bill Frist can't lead the GOP, then let's get rid of him now and find someone with the stomach for it. As long as he dithers, he'll never see a dime out of me for any election. Kay Bailey Hutchinson would have more guts and could pull the troops in line better; maybe we should give her a try as Majority Leader for a while.

It's time to send a real message to the Republicans about their priorities and their lack of leadership. This fight has been brewing for months, and it should have already been resolved by now. If they can't hack it, then we will find -- and fund -- the leaders who can.

That was before today, now the Republican base is really pissed off (see here and here).

Billmon Reports:

What's happening over in Right Blogostan right now is simply amazing. It's like the political equivalent of Yugoslavia -- and Tito just died.

Suddenly all the repressed anger and resentment at Bush and Rove is boiling over. Hordes of wing nuts are almost literally howling (in ALL CAPS) about the metric tons of shit they've put up with -- the round-the-clock pork festivals, the federal entitlement for drug companies, the congressional leadership so corrupt it would make Boss Tweed blush, the bloody quagmire in Iraq, Mike Brown, the New Deal on the Mississippi, etc. etc. [...]

Meanwhile the hardcore Bush loyalists kinda have their backs pressed up against the wall, with big, round, white eyes -- like a bunch of guards in an asylum for the violently insane who've just realized the Thorazine shots aren't working any more.

I haven't seen anything like this -- a full-scale, knock-down, intra-party brawl that doesn't involve Democrats -- since Shrub's daddy decided he didn't want people to read his lips after all. And all because Harriet Miers gave a few bucks to Al Gore!

I'm sure there is much, much more to come.

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So, what do the log cabin Republicans have to say about this? Do they STILL believe they have a home in the Republican party? Not a peep on their website - hypocrites.

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