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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Fired Up About Ohio?

Posted by Tim Tagaris

Then Reform It...Now.

While everyone sharpens their fonts with a laser-like focus on the U.S. Senate race, the biggest election of the year is taking place in Ohio, in one month.  If you want to do something about Ohio in the coming weeks, I would suggest volunteering for and contributing to the group known as Reform Ohio Now.  We have an opportunity to gain as many as six congressional districts, open access to vote by relaxing absentee ballot laws, decrease the influence of big money in elections, and take away the power from thugs like J. Kenneth Blackwell.  But I fear with all the hand-wringing, we are going to miss that opportunity.  What a shame that would be.

Look, I write for Sherrod Brown over at Grow Ohio.  I was down in OH-2 helping to lead the charge online for Paul Hackett.  For different reasons, I love both of them.  I would just caution everyone on the vitriol, because what most of you don't know is that Sherrod Brown is one of the few real champions we have in the House of Representatives.  He has been a leader on all things progressive since he stepped foot into the well of the Congress (for a crash course, click here).  

So please, if you want to get fired up about something in Ohio, take the next month to and get involved with Reform Ohio Now; I promise you, if there is a primary, it will still be there.

Just last week, the Columbus Dispatch released some poll results on Issues 2-5, and with one exception, the numbers are heartening. Vote by mail and limiting the maximum campaign contribution from 10k to 2k are winning in landslides.  The Sec. of State amendment is up slightly.  However, the redistricting amendment (probably the most important) is down, 26% to 38% with with 36% undecided.

You want Bob Ney gone?  Get Involved.  Steve LaTourette?  Get Involved.  Steve Chabot?  By all means, get involved.  And for those of you who subscribe to the Howard Dean model, nonpartisan redistricting would not stop at the federal level either.  Seats for the State House and State Senate both get redrawn as well.

Reform Ohio Now is on the air, right now, with two spots in a few cities across the state.  Here are the two pieces:
An introduction to RON (.mpeg)

About the Group Opposing RON (.mpeg)

If you are from Ohio and want to volunteer, here are your local organizers.  They have yard signs and a number of trainings and volunteer opportunities in the coming days and weeks ahead.

Please support Reform Ohio Now, and encourage everyone online not to let this opportunity pass.  Either way, we are going to win in 2006, but 2005 is only a month away.

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