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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

ActBlue Poll Results

Posted by DavidNYC

Last week, we wrote about ActBlue's poll to decide which states it should deploy in next. Ben Rahn of ActBlue explains the results - and the action plan:

Last week, Chris Bowers ran this poll to decide where ActBlue should go next, and the results are in! We're now focusing our fire on Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Florida, and Montana. (We had originally planned on just going with four states, but with a statistical tie between Texas and Montana for the #4 spot we're including them both.)

Check out the the full background, but in brief, when we've activated ActBlue in these states:

• Every Democratic candidate for every state legislative and executive office can immediately accept contributions online.
• Every supporter can immediately fundraise online for the Democratic candidates and party committees of their choice.

There's just one catch: we need the resources to do it. The most challenging part of bringing this huge strategic advantage to Democrats at the state level is the legal side - the staff time and lawyers, Lawyers, LAWYERS, required to do this right are going to cost on average $10,000 per state, at least for the first set of states we take on.

So we're asking: can you help make it happen?

This isn't like supporting a single candidate: funds invested now will be returned many times over to candidates in crucial races across the country. So this is about leverage. This is about building a lasting piece of infrastructure for online politics, and bringing lasting strategic advantage to Democrats where it matters most.

Please support these states today.

Go help `em out if you can.

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Here's a question: Did using IRV actually matter in this poll? The five states selected were the top five vote-getters in the first round. The main difference is that Montana was a lot closer to Texas in the 19th round than the first round. If ActBlue had stuck with its plan to pick just four states, MT might have gotten left off the list because it was a full 2% behind TX in Round 1 but just 0.3% in Round 19.

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