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Thursday, September 22, 2005

TX-Gov: Rick Perry, "Adios, Mofo"

Posted by Bob Brigham

I snapped this pic when I went to the gulf coast for Katrina. I hope the Texas bloggers won't have to see (and smell) such a sight, but recent news is not encouraging.

katrina dead bloated bush body

The last hurricane was bad, but the real destruction did not come from the storm, but from the response (or lack thereof because Bush stayed on vacation). The Republican Administration did nothing to evacuate those who could not themselves, they did nothing to stop the flooding until it was too late. And that is why the Bush Bodies floated and bloated.

Have the Republicans learned from their incompetence? It doesn't appear they have (hat-tip to Atrios).

As Hurricane Rita approaches, once again, bloggers will be documenting the story, this time with institutional help from the Houston Chronicle. Godspeed to those fleeing the storm, Godbless to those stuck in the path, and God Damn to Texas Governor Rick Perry for offering little more than an, "Adios, Mofo" to those who can't fend for themselves.

I hope that this time the Republican response isn't more of a disaster than the disaster itself, but I'm not holding my breath. You can't trust Republicans with government.

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