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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Reform Ohio Now: The Most Important Election of 2005

Posted by Tim Tagaris

Starting Monday I am going to be writing a good deal about what I consider to be the most important election of 2005, bar none. Issues 2-5, better known as Reform Ohio Now, have the ability to completely transform the entire political process in Ohio, and in a positive way. There are four amendments that deal with campaign contributions, re-districting, the role of the Secretary of State in Ohio (Ken Blackwell), and absentee voting.

I'll provide a few links for those of you interested in reading more, but let me put it this way. Republicans fear that if the re-districting measure alone passes, we gain six seats in Ohio. The lines in Ohio are so messed up (look at Ted Strickland's district), that when a non-partisan panel gets its hands on them, Rob Portman (OH-1) is gone. Deborah Pryce (OH-15), gone. Bob Ney (OH-18), gone. And that is just the beginning.

Here are some links of interest:

Reform Ohio Now Website (link)
Get to Know the Amendments (link)
The Opposition and Their Tactics (link)
Ten things you can do today (link)
Add a Reform Ohio Now Button to Your Blog (link)

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Tim - In regard to "the opposition and their tactics" - The patriot pastors are part of a well organized effort in OH called the Ohio Restoration Project. Ken Blackwell is one of their favorite Republicans - that tells you where they stand on the vote, et al.

I did a bunch of research on them and have a detailed post on them for folks who want the down and dirty on them.

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