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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Democrats Need to Stand Up and Fight

Posted by Bob Brigham

Right now, Democrats are winning:

"It's a rule in American politics," said Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.), "that whichever side denounces the other for politicizing the issue is losing the argument." Bingo.

Instead of listening to the DC Losers Club, Democrats need to do the right thing, stand proud, and not worry what the right (GOP and DLC) say:

Bush's critics aren't backing off, because they've been here before. Former Senate Democratic leader Tom Daschle, who cooperated with Bush in the days after Sept. 11 but lost his South Dakota seat after a long, White House-inspired campaign accusing him of being "obstructionist," speaks from experience.

"Democrats to this day remain outraged at the blatant efforts that Republicans, especially in the administration, made to undermine the perception of our patriotism and our motivations," Daschle said in an interview.

This time around, Democrats won't be waved off by right-wing commentators or by contrived and insincere appeals to national unity. "I don't think we should pay a whit of attention to administration criticisms," Daschle said. "Democrats need to ask the hard questions and ignore the political attacks that are destined to come when we ask them."

The sounds of contention you are hearing are the sounds of accountability in a free republic. The president may not like it, but it is a refreshing sound.

I'm glad to see Democrats finally coming around.

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Every time the Republicans start hanging themselves, we jsut need to let them have the rope. People know Bush screwed up on Iraq, on th Gulf Coast and on social security, etc. But until now Dems haven't seemed to benefit in the polls. I feel any criticism needs to be couched more in terms of what the Democrats would do differently.

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