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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Weekly Standard

Posted by Bob Brigham

A couple of quick points on this.

If I was leading, I was doing so by following Tagaris to Ohio.

I have NOT demanded Rahm Emanuel resign. Not once, but especially not repeatedly.

And the conclusion is total B.S. If I were a reporter and I were writing a story on "near-king-makers" I would probably pick up the phone and give them a call.

UPDATE: (Bob): Sorry I didn't have time to get into this in more depth, but I was running around town because I'm heading to the kickoff of the first think tank lead by a blogger. And for the conclusion, the idea of the DCCC as an ideological organization makes me laugh -- it is an organization designed to hold on to existing power. The good ideas are found online.

And we are not, "savvier readers of the political landscape than the pros at the DCCC" because we fought, we have more game because of how we fought. We didn't need a media buyer for relevance, the quality of our ideas broke through on merit. Sooner or later, the DCCC will start fighting early and not rely upon paid ads to do so. I'd prefer sooner, but I am far past ever relying upon the DCCC to get it. If the lesson is that individuals can make a difference without paid ads, then we need to inspire individuals to fight everywhere. I don't care if Emanuel gets it, we need an army of individuals who get it.

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On the issues, Paul Hackett was a whole lot closer to the Bush administration than he was to the typical left-wing blogger.


Sorry, that was just way too funny, I'll contain myself now.


Gotta love the Weekly Standard.

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Find Frank Richs' latest op ed it's poignant and nails it on the head!

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