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Thursday, August 11, 2005

TX-22: Momentum vs. the Perp Walk

Posted by Bob Brigham

Regular readers of The Swing State Project know that I have an eerie knack when it comes to timing. So where else would I be on the night that Abramoff is indicted, but with Nick Lampson

Sometimes, in this business, there is an urge to get down in the mud. Not for former Congressman Lampson in his quest against Tom DeLay. Lampson provides the perfect contrast because he is a true gentleman. No offense to certain readers (who were my teachers), but I wish I had Mr. Lampson as a teacher because I know he must have been wonderful.

Tom DeLay is the master of politics corrupted by money and will spend whatever it takes to hold on to the power he loves to abuse. But there is only so much you can spend and I want to give Lampson the tools to compete. I'm kinda broke after my cannonball run to Ohio, but Lampson is going to get some money out of me. My thinking is that Tom DeLay deserves a fine and the closest I can get to issuing a ticket is a contribution to Lampson. So I will do my part.

There are two types of politicos: those who should run and those who should serve. Nick Lampson belongs back in congress.

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