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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

OH-2: Google Me This, Mean Jean Schmidt

Posted by Tim Tagaris


This is what everyone sees when they do a Google search of "Jean Schmidt." More to the point, this is what dozens of voters in the second congressional district have seen for days when Googling her in search of information for tomorrow's special election. It's a true testament to the teamwork of the progressive blogosphere in this race.

My favorite is, "The Left Coaster: Jean Schmidt Is A Liar"

This allows me to pivot back to Jean Schmidt's campaign manager, Joe Braun, who after getting completely blindsided by the Democratic netroots ability to mobilize, still doesn't get it.

As I told the reporter, there is no question the Internet has given Hackett a huge boost when it comes to his ability to raise funds quickly from around the nation. We all know that money is needed to get your message out.
This is why Joe Braun will probably never manage another congressional campaign again--it's akin to a pro-football coach preparing for a game and completely neglecting to cover "special teams." The NRCC has already spent his next salary ten times over, and after the ballots are cast tomorrow, he will have taken a 30 point lead and snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. You would think that getting completely blown out of the water in online fundraising by Paul Hackett, he would understand there are other implications. But future employers will be able to quickly uncover his ineptitude, by simply Googling Joe Braun.

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It'd be better if you could get her homepage off the top of the list, oh well. Good luck today, don't take no shit and reguardless of the outcome, you've made a huge point!

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