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Thursday, August 18, 2005

GOP Culture of Corruption

Posted by Bob Brigham

I think this post is the ideal way to kick off our new Culture of Corruption category. From Grow Ohio:

11:15 A.M. - Taft plead no contest and waived his right to a jury trial.  He was spared jail time (of course), but is forced to pay the maximum fines and court fees allowable ($1,000 x 4).  Embarassingly, Taft has to send an email to every Ohio media outlet and stateworker outlining an apology for his ethical violations.[...]

11:30 A.M. - Governor Taft steps to the podium to make a statement after the hearing. "I am here today to publicly apologize to the people of Ohio." The Republican Governor just called the events "social" -- He later called them "recreational events with friends." It will be interesting to see what State Senator Marc Dann and the press can uncover about who the outings were with and what state contracts/other benefits were potentially on-the-table with those individuals.

Ah, "recreational" corruption...

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2006, can be a great year for the dEmocrats. The Culture of Corruption has tainted the Republican Party significantly. If Dems capitalize and package the right message to voters, Democratic candidates could make huge gains at the state-wide level most notably in the Gubernatorial election. Both houses of the state General Assembly have almost a 2-1 advantage Republicans. Yet, the combination of ethical corruption at the state level and the disillusionment with Iraq bodes the potential for the Democratic Party to make historic gains at both the Federal and state levels. Paul Hackett proved that their is a groundswelling of disgust over the Iraqi war in even the most Republican of districts. Republican leadership has been bad for the state of Ohio from Washington DC all the way to Columbus. What if voters connect this concept? Ohio has been hit hardest by job losses-CAFTA, Ohio has lost its share of lives in the war-Ohio has for the fist time ever a governor being criminally charged while in office and almost $1 billion lost in taxpayer money. The time may be ripe now more than ever, with the right candidates, a strong platform/right message, and committment from the DCCC, DSCC and their equivalents at the state level to make history. Undoubtedly if Dems see a great year in 06, 08 becomes all the more promising.

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Let's break it down:

1. Taft pleaded no contest, rather than guilty. Way to step up to the plate.

2. The judge ordered him to make an apology. You'd like to think he could apologize without waiting for someone to order it.

3. Taft has fired state employees for ethical violations in the past, but he refuses to resign. Ethics - important for thee, but not for me!

Classic GOP corruption. And they claim to stand for accountability and consequences.

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>new Culture of Corruption category.

Howard Dean called it months ago:
Republicanism = Culture of Corruption.

I hope to see every progressive and Democratic set up their own "Culture of Corruption" categories.

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From: Peter Deane


Bobby teed up his ball,
and pulled out his trusty driver,
the fair-way became silent,
PING! Bobby hooked another one.

Nothing better then free golf,
pay-outs from crooks and political pundits,
who steal your pension in one quick whip.
Who uses buffalo nickels as markers?

With Tommy Noe in the woods,
who gonna know a thing,
so Bobby Taft takes another muligan,
one for five bad swings.

Another fund raiser on a Sunday afternoon,
it's the place to get Ohio deals done,
and the cold cans that are passed between carts,
are never told who their from.

It gets a little rough when you land in one,
and if trying to find your slice gets hard,
don't worry that's what a caddy's for,
if it's a corporate tipper the ball gets moved.

In the bunker is not a place for Bobby to stay,
and he always has the excuss that he didn't know it,
and Bobby is the first Taft ever seen,
that landed one out of bunker with six divits.

And when the putt comes,
Bobby wins again,
time for Tommy Noe to pay out of pocket,
and they both celebrate... to another undisclosed fundraiser.

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