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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

DCCC: Leave No District Behind

Posted by Tim Tagaris

In light of the recent "bubble-up" between the DCCC vs. the netroots and supporters of the 50 state strategy, I thought this piece leading off today's House Race Hotline was interesting (Nat'l Journal Subs Only):

Too bad there's no strong Dem candidate in the CA 48 special -- then we could really see if those charges of being a "rubberstamp" for Bush that were lobbed at GOPer Jean Schmidt in OH 02, will resonate on a nat'l level. Of course, after their heavy involvement in the OH 02 race, it's a worthy question to ask -- who could recruit a candidate first in CA 48, the DCCC or the liberal blogosphere?
Ready. Set. Go!

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Well, reality strikes!

The DCCC already gave up! And the Grassroots have already spoken. As those of you who have been following my posts at The Political Dogfight which are also posted at Dkos, Mydd, DemSpeak and BooMan Tribune, there is a viable Candidate named Steve Young who is an attorney and also a member of SoCal Grassroots a formalized Grassroots organization with near 17,000 people on it's mail list.

He has a busy speaking schedule already. He is a member of the one of the Executive Boards for the State Party. He has already been endorsed by two of the most active Grassroots organizations here in OC and LA. He as a unique platform he thinks will cross-party lines here in CA-48.

And he understands the need for a GREAT ground game as the key to success!

He will be a Candidate. Period.

We have another person who has run before as an ineffective candidate and essentially as a ghost candidate. Hell, he didn't even form a PAC last time. I'm told, although I have no firsthand confirmation, that he doesn't believe in fundraising.

We are trying to increase the pressure for him to drop off the ballot or to keep him from filing once the Election is formally proclaimed by Gov. Muscles. He is stubborn.

From a strategic point of view, it is important to keep only one name on that Primary ballot.

From the Secretary of States office and their Elections Analyst:
Primary Dates
either Oct 4 or Oct 18

General (if it gets that far)

So, in my opinion the Grassroots has spoken. There is one more development yet to be handled and I may have more on that tomorrow.

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PS: The DCCC has one more call into one of the people I deal with and that's the game for their effort at candidacy selection we think. More tomorrow. Can't imagine they have anything.

I always try to be accurate.

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...he doesn't believe in fundraising

I think the time for campaigning with pixie dust and a single issue platform is over.

We have enough idiots and egoists in the Congress already, thanks.

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I have looked for the Steve Young website to see what he stands for. All I get is a cover, so to speak, with no insides.


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