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Thursday, August 25, 2005

CA-48: Silly DCCC

Posted by Bob Brigham

In the OH-02 Special Election, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee was rightly criticized for extreme tardiness. You would think that the DCCC would have learned their lesson as we head into the Special Election in Orange County. You would be wrong:

A spokeswoman for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee did not return a call for comment on the race.

Luckily, Allan Hoffenblum, Republican political analyst and publisher of the California Target Book, returns press calls. He nails the race dynamics:

Although the congressional district is considered conservative, a Democrat or moderate Republican could win because of the state's unusual "open" primary rules in special elections.

All candidates are on the same ballot, regardless of party, and a candidate must receive more than 50 percent of the vote to win -- an unlikely event with nearly 20 candidates in the race.

If nobody wins, the top vote-getters of each party would face off in a Dec. 6 general election, and as the lone independent, Mr. Gilchrist is assured a spot.

A split among conservatives voting for Mr. Gilchrist and state Sen. John Campbell, reportedly backed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, could swing the vote to a Democratic candidate, Mr. Hoffenblum said. (emphasis mine)


Hat tip to CA-48.

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Well said. And Bob, you know the Steve Young campaign had hoped to be able to focus on the Race not other Democrats in the Primary. Now we have 3 competitors none of which are consequential but all have to be considered.

We have a professional staff on the ground and they are working hard to bring a Real Congressional Race to Orange County. The CA-48th is a far more moderate District than conventional wisdom would think. Even the Democrats in OC buy-into the 'old' thinking that it is a hopeless race and we are all crazy.

We had two primary candidates committed to dropping out if the third would withdraw. That didn't happen...so 'what the hell' was the attitude. Is this the typical Democratic 'Circular Firing Squad' because we seem unable to gather together in a common cause? I hope not.

Now the winner of the Primary for the Democratic Party, which I am confident will be Steve Young, will have to face the full weight of the RNC, RNCC and all their groups that travel with them.

We can only hope that the Washington Establishment doesn't buy into the group-think that this is a futile exercise. And I don't think they do.

They will come out ready for a Dogfight of major proportions! The Steve Young Campaign looks forward to the help in all forms. This is a grassroots campaign. It sure hasn't come from the OC Democratic structure.

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