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Friday, July 15, 2005

Scott McClellan Cancelling Daily Press Briefings

Posted by Bob Brigham

scott-mcclellan-tour.jpg For the second day in a row, Bush Administration Press Secretary Scott McClellan has cancelled the daily press briefings. This is highly irregular, in fact the last time this happened it was because Bush was at the Pope's funeral.

The reason why? Scott McClellan can't end the daily press briefings. The White House website has a video tour of the Press Briefing Room. In the tour, McClellan explains the importance of having daily briefings, but he also notes:

It is a tradtion here at The White House that the briefing does not end until the senior wire correspondent -- here in the front row -- says, "Thank you."

Right now, the press corps has nothing to thank McClellan for. In fact, it would make sense for the senior correspondent not to end the next briefing until McClellan levels with the press and the American people. Could this be why McClellan has taken the highly unusual step of cancelling the daily press briefing? Is he worried that once he starts a briefing, it won't end?

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