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Friday, July 29, 2005

OH-02: MSNBC on Paul Hackett

Posted by Bob Brigham


A special election next week in Ohio will fill the congressional seat vacated by current U.S. Trade representative Rob Portman. One Marine reservist wants to succeed him as the first Iraq War veteran in Congress.

Paul Hackett’s journey from the war zone to the political battlefield marks the first time a veteran of the Iraq war has run for Congress. This Democrat is fighting for every vote in a deeply red Ohio district, and grabbing the attention of local Republicans by placing his war record front and center in his campaign ads.

“In the military, we were taught maneuver warfare, and we make the best out of what we’re given,” says Hackett.

Again, what a great story.

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Wkrc’s Sunday 7/31 11am discussion between Hackett and Schmidt is available on video on wkrc.com.

2 segments; filmed Friday 7/29.

Direct streaming video links here (refer here for playing instructions):

Story for segment 1 (with ActiveX video link) here.

direct streaming link for Segment 1 (duration ~14 min)

Story for segment 2 (with ActiveX video link) here.

direct streaming link for Segment 2 (duration ~10 min)

These are MMS streaming URLs, just copy & paste into the location filed of your media player, if clicking on them doesn't work.

Oh, great.
Just noticed that blog.oh02.com banned me and deleted all my (useful, as above; which he even LINKED TO) comments, apparently for commenting on the BDSM stuff. Genius.

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