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Thursday, July 28, 2005

OH-02: Congress Needs an Iraq Veteran

Posted by Bob Brigham

Stars and Stripes, which wrote a piece on Paul Hackett's bid to be the first Iraq War veteran to serve in congress, has a very interesting factoid:

According to the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States, 141 current members of Congress are veterans and 35 served in active war zones, most during the Vietnam War.

Yes, only 35 members have been in an active war zone and none have on-the-ground experience in Iraq.

[Hackett] said he was drawn to the race because he felt Congress has too many “career politicians,” and that his experience as a businessman and Marine has given him a better perspective on how to serve the district.

Yes, congress has exceeded its career politician quota.

“The big draw was the chance to serve my country. That’s what drew me to the Marines in the first place,” he said. “I thought the country might need my help.”

He arrived in Iraq in August, and took over convoy commander duties and helped organize the payroll of Ramadi-area government workers. In November, he volunteered to help secure the eastern entry into Fallujah while coalition forces swept through the city.

“I certainly did not do the heaviest of the lifting,” he said. “But on the convoy, we were ambushed on more than one occasion.”

Congress doesn't need another partisan hack like Jean Schmidt. Congress needs at least one voice who has experience in Iraq. Bush screwed up and is staying the course, this places more responsibility upon congress. That's why we need Paul Hackett.

In other military news, Hackett landed the VET PAC endorsement:

“We support Paul for his intelligence, courage and commitment to public service.” Said Fred Allingham, VETPAC field director. “Despite his disagreement with the Iraq war, he volunteered for activation from the Marine Corps reserve and served a dangerous tour in Iraq. Major Hackett felt that his duty as a professional demanded that he share the burden and the risks of service with his Marine Corps brethren.”

Allingham also cited Hackett’s reputation for independence and his commitment to his family and community. “We need more veterans in Congress who understand the sacrifices being made by our troops in Iraq and will fully fund veterans health care and other benefits that they and all veterans have earned by their service. Paul will honor the American values for which he fought and serve the interests of his community. He will not simply be another clone in Tom DeLay's army.”

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The Smoke Eater Says:
July 28th, 2005 at 11:11 am
Emergency post…

Minamyering Hackett already begun today on WLW. McConnell (A condescending jerk) is trying to paint Hackett in Iraq sleeping under a palm tree. This is so pathetic!

BOYBOTT sponsors of WLW… I feel the the Cincinnati Reds should step in right away and tell this loud mouth punks to stop their attacks on Hackett… and keep calling them at 513-769-7000 and tell them how you feel about their unforgivable activities!


Will you please headline this.

Peter Deane

Posted by: The Smoke eter [TypeKey Profile Page] at July 28, 2005 11:15 AM | Permalink | Edit Comment | Delete Comment

Everytime I hear the Reds commercials come on I think of how their radio station is putting down Paul Hackett's service to our country!

Call Carl Lindner... owner of the Reds and Chiquita in Cincinnati and tell him to tell WLW to knock it off!

Carl's phone number... 513-784-8000

Posted by: The Smoke eter [TypeKey Profile Page] at July 28, 2005 11:24 AM | Permalink | Edit Comment | Delete Comment

Carl has sold Chiquita but he owns American Financial and you can contact him at 513-579-2121.

Posted by: The Smoke eter [TypeKey Profile Page] at July 28, 2005 11:45 AM | Permalink | Edit Comment | Delete Comment