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Saturday, July 30, 2005

OH-02: Bird Costs Schmidt 4 Votes

Posted by Bob Brigham

The volunteers have been returning to HQ after a long day of door-knocking. As one couple was turning in their lists, they told a great story. All four voters in their home are voting against Schmidt because she flipped them off in road rage incident.

To be perfectly fair, Schmidt has a twin sister who could have been responsible. But still, four more votes for Hackett. And considering the rumors of Schmidt using her "double" to campaign as her, I have no problem relaying the story.

But I wouldn't be surprised to hear it was Jean Schmidt herself. You don't get the nickname "Mean Jean" by having respect for others. Testy, testy. Some might say she's crazy. Some have even said she's batshit crazy.

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I arrived a bit late from Chicago today, missing the rally about which the writer for this blog reports. But while canvassing in Cincinnati, I was informed of a new trick by the Jean Schmidt campaign: telephone calls alleging Hackett supports gay marriage. Such scare tactics are, in my opinion, utterly egregious. They do, however, reveal that the Schmidt campaign views Hackett as a redoubtable opponent. Perhaps more can come and volunteer. After all, I flew in from Chicago this morning.


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