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Friday, July 01, 2005

O'Connor Replacement Action Items

Posted by Bob Brigham

Swing State Project will be focused heavily on radical right plot to seize independent courts...they are the Bush White House and the Republican Congress they're going to gamble for a trifecta by attacking the independence of the judiciary. This is about absolute power for the powerful over ordinary Americans. Time to gear up for the battle, DavidNYC has the Action Items.

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And here's another Rapid Response Resource that can be used without fail. DavidNYC hasn't yet updated his list at Kos. Perhaps you could add this here at SSP. Up to you.

Here's the Diary that I have posted elsewhere:

I have a Live Link (Just click on the address and a new email opens for you) list of over 450 journalists and shows at The Political Dogfight.

Use it and make your voices known!

It is currently the #2 story on the front page. I will move it back to the top later after gettting it into play in as many places as I can.

Go for it! But remember, quiet, well written common sense will get your email read. RANTING will just get them deleted in the first 2 seconds!

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