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Friday, July 01, 2005

New MoveOn Ad: Terri Schiavo and Supreme Ct. Vacancy

Posted by Bob Brigham

From a Press Release:

New TV Ad Cites Schiavo Case, Raises Fear that Supreme Court Nominee Will Threaten Rights of Individuals

Opposes an Extremist Justice Who Would Allow Government Interference in Private Family Decisions

MoveOn PAC unveiled a new TV ad today aimed at discouraging President Bush from picking an extremist judge to replace outgoing Justice Sandra Day O’Connor. He should honor O’Connor and appoint a moderate justice.

The message: Don’t nominate and extremist who will undermine the rights of individuals and families as the President did in the Terri Schiavo case several months ago. Protect our rights.

The almost $280,000 ad by will air on CNN in ME, NE, SC and VA, and on CNN and FOX in NY and DC as part of MoveOn PAC’s grassroots mobilization to empower Americans and persuade the Senate to protect our basic rights by rejecting an extremist nominee.

“Our message to the President as he considers nominees to the Supreme Court is ‘Protect Our Rights.’ Our message to the Senate when it considers the President’s nominee is ‘Protect Our Rights’,” said Ben Brandzel, Advocacy Director for MoveOn PAC.

“The President should honor O’Connor and appoint a moderate Supreme Court justice. We’re very concerned because we all saw the President undermine individual rights and invade a family’s privacy in the Terri Schiavo case a few months ago. If President Bush nominates an extremist, it will be up to Senators to say no, and the American people will make sure that they do just that,” he added.

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