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Thursday, July 21, 2005

IL-8: Dear Congresswoman Melissa Bean

Posted by Tim Tagaris

Dear Congresswoman Melissa Bean,

You will undoubtedly be facing a tough election in 2006 after slipping past long-time Republican incumbent Phil Crane. There was a lot of support in the blogosphere for you last time around and among progressives--one might even conclude it was that support that put you over the top. Though I recently moved to Ohio, I must admit that when I look at the address on my drivers license (your district), I cringe to think about how dissapointing your first term in the House has been thus far. Atrios has you on his "List of 31 losers" that supported the bankruptcy bill. Chris Bowers of MyDD outlines just how often you stray from the caucus on meaningful votes.

And now you are listed as "undecided" on the CAFTA vote by Congress Daily.

I supported you in 2004, as did many others in the netroots. I can say with confidence that, for me, this CAFTA vote is the last straw. Please do not stray from the working men and women of IL-8, and America. I would like to be able to support you again, in good conscience, during your re-election bid.

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