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Thursday, July 07, 2005

GOP: Bad Day for London Commuters and Neocons

Posted by Bob Brigham

Gotta love the way the people riding public transit pay the ultimate price for the oily neocons' decision to focus on Iraq instead of Bin Laden. Any discussion of the London terrorist attacks must include the simple fact that it has been 1,395 days since 9/11 -- yet Bin Laden is still at-large.

Bush and Blair failed by invading Iraq and the Down Street Memo clearly shows that the people were mislead for the Radical Right's crusade adventure in Iraq.

We're losing the war in Iraq. We're losing the war on terror.

Instead of capturing Bin Laden and breaking al Qaeda, we invaded Iraq. And every dollar wasted in the quagmire is one less dollar spent securing America.

I'm going to hop on a train not that different from the tubes in London. This train is the main artery through the Silicon Valley. This train is NOT secure. You want some terror, freak out the geeks who run the economy (imagine what happens when Google workers are scared to go to work).

It didn't have to be this way. In the days following 9/11, there was more good will towards the United States than we may ever see again. But Bush didn't rise to the occassion. He didn't enlist the American people in defending America, he used 9/11 as an excuse to push a radical foreign policy. It didn't have to be this way.

Now, 1,395 days after 9/11, it is time for Bush to make capturing Bin Laden a priority. Go sign the petition:

Dear President Bush:

Four years after the murder of nearly 3,000 Americans, Osama bin Laden remains free to plan further attacks on our nation. Your failure to make his capture your top priority endangers American lives -- and is an insult to everyone who lost a loved one on September 11.

Just six months after the attacks, you told America, "I truly am not that concerned about him." It's time for you to get concerned. Capturing Osama bin Laden should be your top priority.

Your CIA chief recently told TIME that he has an "excellent idea" where bin Laden is hiding. If your administration knows his whereabouts, than there is no possible excuse for allowing him to remain free.

I demand that you change your priorities immediately and get Osama bin Laden.

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