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Thursday, July 07, 2005

GOP - Karl Rove Indictment

Posted by Bob Brigham

Lots of chatter that Rove will be indicted – soon. As we learn via SusanG, the blogs are driving this story:

I am glad to play a small role. In my America, when companies get big and lazy, competion arises. That is what is happening with the blogs. The press MSM) has gotten fat and lazy. The blogs are now driving the stories.

Arianna Huffington points out:

From the way they’ve acted so far, the mainstream media would rather this scandal just go away (bloggers take note).

Digby says:

It is, therefore, a good time for the blogs to keep pushing. I believe that we were part of the reason that the DSMs finally gained some traction --- enough to make the administration nervous anyway --- and I think we can have an effect on this story as well. Nobody should ever forget that Drudge was fed quite a bit of his information during the Clinton scandals by journalists who were trying to find a way to get the story into the ether so they could say "it's out there."

Steve Gilliard looks one step further:

You want a not lazy media, you need to give us the tools to challenge the MSM. Money, support, spreading the word. Joe Wilson isn't just being nice. Bush tore his life and ruined his wife's career. This ain't a story to him. As we raise money, I'd consider what he said seriously. Because it's serious to him, and to us.

(Go support Steve during his fund drive)

Billmon has a must read piece on the marketplace of ideas and "thought contagion" in the pundit class. Understanding this dynamic is why it is critical that the blogs continue to lead on this scandal involving a traitor in the Republican White House.

More to come…

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