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Friday, July 29, 2005

Campaign Manager Joe Braun

Posted by Bob Brigham

A couple quick points on the whole ordeal of Jean Schmidt Campaign Manager Joe Braun going around threatening legal action:

Top prize goes to Joe Braun today. He threatened to sue bloggers (for something about this). Good work Joe, you're a full blown scandal celebrity in the blogosphere.

What Joe Braun is missing is that he has bigger problems on his hands. Instead of worrying about what the bloggers say, he should worry about what the Washington Republicans say. Because they're talking some serious shit about how Jean Schmidt went from walk-in-the-park to FUBAR under Joe Braun's leadership.

Little secret Joe, the Big Guys in D.C. aren't writing checks with that many zeros because they think you're doing a good job.

Anyway, I have a plane to catch -- I'll be in OH-02 before most of you wake up.

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MSNBC Had GREAT coverage on Hackett and OH-2 all day. Heavy rotation Wed - Thur.

  • See Video here
  • and see write up here
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    "This dom reports that he is experienced with staging medical/gynecological exams".

    Do you think that it's possible that this is how Jean Schmidt found Bob to be her campaign manager?


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