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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

TX-22: Drop the Hammer

Posted by Bob Brigham

The American Progress Action Fund email update on Drop the Hammer:

Here is what you have accomplished in the Drop the Hammer Campaign so far:

* Action: 20,092 of you have emailed Delay's Corporate backers; hundreds more of you made phone calls; and still more of you helped pick and fund our radio ads that ran in more than 70 markets around the country.
* The Results: 3 of the 5 companies we targeted, American Airlines, Nissan, and Verizon, have announced they will no longer support Tom DeLay's legal defense.
* Still to come: We will continue to keep the pressure on the other two companies: Bacardi and RJR. We urge you to avoid Bacardi and RJR products until these companies publicly end their support for Rep. DeLay's legal defense. Also, we will keep track of any new corporate contributors to DeLay's legal defense fund.
* Action: You sent a total of 7370 letters-to-the-editor calling for the restoration of the House Ethics Rules and an impartial House Ethics Committee; you made hundreds of phone calls to Capitol Hill.
* The Results: The old rules have been restored and a new investigation of DeLay's ethics has been launched. Also, Tom Cole and Lamar Smith - 2 Congressmen with financial ties to Tom DeLay - have removed themselves from the DeLay investigation.

Bacardi and RJR are not operating responsibily -- it is bad business for them to continue throwing money at a corrupt politician.

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