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Sunday, June 19, 2005

OH: Down Ballot Statewide Run-Down

Posted by Tim Tagaris

I received an email this morning alerting me to an excellent summary of down ballot races in Ohio's 2006 elections. The piece was written by Frank Szollosi, a Toledo City Councilman. It is a first-person report from a meeting in Cincinnati of potential statewide candidates, and it is well worth the read.

Kilroy threw a blistering shot at Pat DeWine, son of the sitting U.S. Senator from Ohio, and who lost badly in the 2nd Congressional GOP Primary this past Tuesday. "I pledge not to leave behind my pregnant wife for another woman." Ouch. Bocceri is a recent entrant into the SoS race, and just returned from Air Force duty in Iraq. Refering to the problems of SoS Ken Blackwell and Ohio elections, he noted that fighting for democracy in the Midwest is just as important as fighting for democracy in the Mideast.

As an aside, I am back in Ohio right now. In 2004, some of you know that I worked Communications for Kos Dozen candidate, Jeff Seemann in OH-16. I just returned last week to work on an online/offline collaborative project I'll be writing about in a few days.

Until then, Frank's piece is a great read.

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