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Monday, June 13, 2005

NYC-02: Gur Tsabar Getting Noticed

Posted by Bob Brigham

On Christmas Eve, Swing State Project was visited by Gur Tsabar (candidate for NYC City Council, 2nd District), who commented on Tim's famous ATM post. He seemed interested in using his campaign as an experimentation lab, which judging by the press, he's been doing (with the hustle you would expect from somebody working on Christmas Eve). The latest was from The Village Voice:

Tsabar's campaign is combining the required petition drive to get on the ballot with a clothing drive. Every morning from 7-9, at the 6 train stop at Astor Place and the F stop at 2nd Ave., Tsabar's volunteers collect signatures and donated clothing. Originally, all the donated duds were going to go to the Henry Street Settlement. "But we've just collected so much, they can't take it all," Hilary Keller, a campaign aide, tell the Voice, so other nonprofits will get the surplus.

The clothing drive is the latest installment of Tsabar's "community service-oriented campaign." Previous good deeds included a collection of 75 deactivated cell phones, which were then turned over to senior citizens so they can call 911. Back in December, the campaign collected 500 books for P.S. 63's holiday book fair. The reason for the campaign's approach, Keller says, is that campaigns have grown so expensive that "you really feel that the money can be used in different ways, for better purposes." Not to mention, it's good politics. Somebody gets the clothes they need, somebody else gets to clean out that hall closet, and Tsabar gets his signatures—as well as voters' kudos for doing something nice.

I'm going to keep my eye on this one.

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