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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Time Poll Not Good News for W.

Posted by Tim Tagaris

Polling Report has the details, not much of which is good news for President Bush (MoE +/- 3%):

Job Approval
Approve: 46%
Disapprove: 47%
Unsure: 7%

President's Handling of Iraq
Approve: 41%
Disapprove: 55%
Unsure: 4%

President's Handling of Social Security
Approve: 31%
Disapprove: 59%
Unsure: 10%

Should Republicans be able to end the filibuster?
Should: 28%
Should Not: 59%
Unsure: 14%

Not good news at all for George Bush and those in the legislative branch that insist on following the president down the path consistently contrary to the will of the American people. The stage is set for a dramatic swing in the 2006 Midterm Elections.

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