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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Brigham on the Road at PDF Conference

Posted by Tim Tagaris

Bob just called me from New York City where he will be attending the Personal Democracy Conference all day tomorrow. While I wish I could be there, many of us will have to settle for Bob's reporting when he gets back to California on Tuesday.

He just got done telling me about how insightful it was sitting at the bar listening to a conversation between Arianna Huffington and Mike Krempasky, who he described as a genuinely good guy. Many big names, a lot to be learned, and apparently a bit of bi-partisan bar hopping going on the night before the conference. Earlier today, he attended a "less formal" gathering of committed Democratic netroots activists in Washington, D.C. before hopping a train to NYC.

I am sure he will have more when he gets back, and possibly during the day tomorrow.

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