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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Save the Republic

Posted by Bob Brigham

MoveOn PAC Press Release:

Washington, DC – As “Revenge of the Sith” opens in theaters, the 3 million member grassroots organization will begin its own “Save the Republic” campaign, including a political ad and grassroots campaign that parodies themes and ideas from the new Star Wars sequel.

To view the ad, which depicts Senator Frist as a hooded villain who seeks absolute power over our courts, visit www.MoveOnPAC.org.

Members will also hand out “Save the Republic” themed flyers outside theaters across the country to generate phone calls to U.S. Senators asking them to stop the “nuclear option.” The flyer describes Senator Frist’s efforts to end the filibuster and seize total control over our courts.

“The Star Wars story is a timely illustration of the very real danger to democracy when one person or party seeks absolute power,” said Ben Brandzel, Advocacy Director of MoveOn Pac.

“For 200 years we’ve had checks and balances to ensure that no one party has complete control over our government,” Brandzel, continued. “Radical Republicans want to break the rules to pander to their corporate donors and radical right religious fundamentalists by ramming through extreme judges who will threaten basic protections, like clean water, the minimum wage, even the 40-hour work week, and intrude on life and death family decisions.”

MoveOn Pac members will take part in emergency 24-hour citizen filibusters outside Senate offices, and courthouses when the nuclear trigger is pulled.

I like the idea of "emergency 24-hour citizen filibusters outside Senate offices, and courthouses" -- sign up and unite.


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