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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Political Respect - Nuclear Option

Posted by Bob Brigham

Respect is something the polls need to do a better job of trying to understand. While polls try to follow by examining sentiment by testing approval, they need to also look at respect because we know that people will vote against interests, against their beliefs.

I don't care where people stand on the issue of the nuclear option, it is just that I'm far more interested in the degree voters respect the role a politician is playing in the filibuster theatre.

I thought this deserved some disussion after reading this in the Las Vegas Journal Review:

Reid's performance gets thumbs up from most

WASHINGTON -- Days before an anticipated Senate filibuster showdown, a slight majority of Nevadans disapprove of Sen. Harry Reid blocking some of President Bush's judicial picks, according to a new poll.

But despite splitting from him on federal judges, a majority of Nevadans believe Reid, D-Nev., is doing a good job representing them in the Senate, the poll showed.

For many voters, respect is a primia facia hurdle, only after that will they listen to the issues. So the question for the nuclear war is will voters respect the Republicans after this power grab:

Despite his leading role in partisan fighting over judges and Social Security reform, Reid drew some support from Nevada Republicans, with 29 percent of GOP respondents rating him "good" or "excellent."

Time for bold action. Time to earn some respect. The Democrat comeback begins today.

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Where is the logic in a nuclear option? Power.

The republicans don't care about healthcare, Medicaid, Medicare, the environment, etc., etc., etc. What they "do" care about is Power. What they haven't stopped to think about, as they go about their power grabbing, ideological way of political life is, that Bush really doesn't care about "them". They are simply his tool by which he keeps control.

They have given Bush full reign to "control" this country. It's some what like a cult. They are driven to keep their leader satisfied. If Bush wants to conquer the world they'll help him, at our expence.

Like Pharaoh, they have been blinded to the truths. There is no Constitution except by their own interpretation, and no Bill Of Rights. How else could Bush pass a right of passage "behind closed doors", for the FBI to now no longer need a judge's order to invade your privacy without you knowing about it.

How does this country have a National debt in the trillions of dollars, while Bush is asking for more eventual trillions for "space protection". Are we going to be attacked by Martians?

How about the billions spent to set up Homeland Security, which we didn't need. Now it's being monetarily diminished:"Bush cut funding to the Department of Homeland Security's Office of Domestic Preparedness, which supplies a variety of first-responder grants to state and local governments, by $800 million, to $3.6 billion in 2005 from $4.4 billion in 2004" Where's the money.

"Bush cut FIRE Act grants for equipment and personnel to local fire departments by $246 million in his 2005 budget. According to the International Association of Firefighters, "The FIRE Act grant program has received $5 billion worth of requests," and "has awarded grants totaling just 10% of that need." Where's the money..

The nation's largest union pledged a year ago to rally states to sue the Bush administration over education spending under the No Child Left Behind law. They say today it's delayed not dead. So. why is the Teacher's Union suing the government for billions "allocated" for No Child Left Behind. Where's the money.

18 billion allocated for the reconstruction of Iraq, but only 2 billion was recieved on the other end. The Iraqis are still looking for water and electricity. Where's the money.

I could go on and on, but the point is, jobs are going and gone over seas, billions are being cut from programs that literally keep the elderly alive, pensions gone, healthcare not important, state securities and First responders not important, military bases to be be closed and not important, but the rich get tax cuts and the FBI can run rampant through your life.

Sound like Totalitarianism to you?

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