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Monday, May 23, 2005

PA-Sen: Sirota Rips NYT for Santorum Advertisment

Posted by Bob Brigham

Ricky Santorum, Pennsylvania's wack-job Junior Senator, compares the New York Times to Nazis and the Times (happy for a reach-around), gives the Senator a glowing profile in the Sunday Magazine.

However, David Sirota isn't afraid to speak truth to power and you know it is a must-read when Sirota headlines, "All the Kneeling to Power That's Fit to Print."

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As much as the right wing likes to demonize the New York Times as a left wing newspaper the Times never seems to do anything but run to the right whenever the right wing tells them to hop. Very disappointing.

But the real issue is the bottom of the barrel also known as Rick Santorum. I wish folks would quit referring to him as the junior senator from PA when in fact he is the third senator for Virginia.

Is there really any chance at all that PA governor and Arlen Specter protegee Ed Rendell will actually allow any viable opposition to Santorum? Rendell is the right wing of the Democratic Party both in PA and nationally. He will pay lip service to the party loyal but in the end he will do what needs to happen to keep the GOP in power because its more important for Rendell and the Democratic Leadership Council to keep the right wing in power in America. Period! These guys do not identify with the core of the Democratic Party but they do identify with the moderates of the GOP. Right wing hegemony is all that matters.

The Democrats will not win major campaigns any more while the single minded right wing dominates the two party system and supports only right wing policies that are designed to subvert the electoral viability of the pluralistic center and left of America.

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Impeach Rick Santorum

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