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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Out With the Old

Posted by Tim Tagaris

Interesting article this morning about some of the heavyweights from outside the grassroots, combined with people like Kos from within the netroots, teaming up on a "think tank" type project aimed at "politics, not policy."

Silicon Valley progressives, a major labor union and a centrist Democratic organization have joined forces to fund a startup think tank that focuses on politics, not policy.

The New Politics Institute (NPI), unlike conventional think tanks that churn out white papers and policy briefs, will work to counter “[White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl] Rove and [RNC Chairman Ken] Mehlman on the other side,” said Simon Rosenberg, president of NDN, formerly the New Democrat Network but now known just by its initials. [...]

Rosenberg said NPI would focus on three specific themes: the ascendancy of the conservative movement, demographic trends and the demise of the traditional broadcast media.

Good stuff. Simon Rosenberg, Joe Trippi, Markos, SEIU, and Deborah Rappaport--that's a starting five I would put on the floor any day of the week.

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