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Friday, April 29, 2005

Princeton Phenomenon: Filibuster Frist

Posted by Bob Brigham

One of the marvels of instant communication is the potential for an action to become a phenomenon. At Princeton University there is an action that has captivated the online community -- and appears to be still gathering momentum.

From www.FilibusterFrist.com:

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, Class of '74, is preparing to change Senate rules to prevent a Democratic filibuster of judicial nominees. This "Nuclear Option" would end the constitutional role of the Senate as a deliberative body that respects minority views, and judicial nominations could be approved without even the minimal degree of mainstream acceptability that has been traditionally required. The implications for the federal judiciary, and the nation, are tremendous: the next round of appointees to sail through would no doubt be extremists ideologically committed to dismantling post-1937 constitutional jurisprudence (meaning no EPA, no FDA, no corporate liability, no healthcare or social welfare programs - ever). In short, Robby George (or any of his James Madison Program posse) could be our next federal judge or Supreme Court Justice.

To protest this destructive move, members of the Princeton University community have come together to hold a non-stop "filibuster" outside the Frist Campus Center (a building sponsored by Senator Frist's family).

And people are noticing the student's filibuster, which has already lasted over 70 hours. Students at Carleton have filibustered and this is expected to spread across campuses nationwide.

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