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Monday, April 18, 2005

MD-Gov: O'Malley Beating Ehrlich

Posted by DavidNYC

Like I said below, the Balto Sun has been busy doing some in-state polling, so we've got another post on Maryland. This time it's the Governor's race (likely voters, January in parens):

O'Malley: 45 (40)
Ehrlich: 39 (40)
Undecided: 16 (20)
(MoE: 3.2%)

Martin O'Malley is the Democratic Mayor of Baltimore. Bob Ehrlich is the incumbent Governor, whose job approval has been hurting since January. Then, it was 54-31; now, it's 51-38 - a pretty big spike for the disapproval, especially. One-time DailyKos front-pager Tom Schaller explains:

"Bob Ehrlich is hurting Bob Ehrlich," said Thomas F. Schaller, a University of Maryland, Baltimore County political science professor and a supporter of Democrats.

Ehrlich's attempts to shift blame for his shortcomings to the Assembly is "wearing thin," Schaller said. "People vote based on ability to lead, not on ability to complain," he said.

Good. Let's throw him an anvil.

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