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Saturday, April 09, 2005

LA Mayor Villaraigosa

Posted by Bob Brigham

I haven't written about the L.A. mayoral race, because frankly I have little interest. And judging by the latest fundraising numbers, I'm not alone. But all signs point towards Antonio Villaraigosa easily winning the runoff. That will be made easier with his financial advantage, from the AP

LOS ANGELES - Mayoral candidate Antonio Villaraigosa has reported raising $652,000 over several weeks for the May runoff election, grabbing an early edge against Mayor James Hahn.

Hahn, seeking a second four-year term, trailed his fellow Democrat with about $408,000 in donations over the period, campaign figures from March 9 to April 2 showed. [...]

Along with at least a temporary financial edge, the figures, released Thursday, also give Villaraigosa's campaign a symbolic boost, particularly since Hahn held a fundraising edge in the primary season.

Sounds like momentum.

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