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Friday, April 15, 2005

2006: Tom DeLay's House of Scandal

Posted by Bob Brigham
Tom DeLay has led this House like a hammer. When it comes to record-high gas prices, the privatization of Social Security and bringing down the soaring cost of health care, DeLay always chooses his special interest friends over the interests of middle class families. With your help, the DCCC will put an end to Tom DeLay's House of Scandal -- once and for all.


Go check it out and see whether your Representative has been caught in DeLay's web of corruption.

The DCCC is the only organization whose sole mission is defeating Tom DeLay and every Republican congressional member in the country. The DCCC is working tirelessly to recruit, train, advise and fund candidates to take on Tom DeLay and his army of defenders.

The DCCC sits in a unique position. We are able to react quickly and wage a national campaign on behalf of all our outstanding Democratic candidates – and to hold every last one of Tom DeLay's Republican Rubberstamps accountable for his or her actions.


Contribute to the DCCC. It is the singular mission of the DCCC to clean up the House with a Democratic majority. The DCCC is recruiting candidates that can beat Tom DeLay and the members of his House of Scandal. By electing Democrats, middle class families will be put first – and not DeLay's special interest cronies!

We need to make sure that people all across America know how Tom DeLay's scandalous actions entangle all of his Republican colleagues. The DCCC is fighting to clean up the House without DeLay. We need everyone in this fight. Send an email to your friends about the website.

Sign our pledge to Clean Up the House in 2006. There is nothing stronger than people joining together to voice their opinions (and especially their opposition to Tom DeLay's House of Scandal!) and then invite your friends and family to join the DCCC's Clean Up Crew.

Forward on the Tom DeLay's House of Scandal Video.

Send a letter to your local newspaper. Tell them how you feel! Make sure your local paper knows all of the ties that your Member of Congress has to Tom DeLay, Inc.

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