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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Lieberman Primary challenger?

Posted by Bob Brigham

Dr. JOHN ORMAN has announced the formation of an exploratory committee. It looks like it is getting interesting in Connecticut 2006 Senate Primary.

Full release below the fold, from a Kos diary

PRESS RELEASE March 16, 2005

Citizen activist and political analyst, Dr. JOHN ORMAN, Politics Professor at Fairfield

University, announced today his intention to create an advisory committee to evaluate

his candidacy to challenge Joe Lieberman for the Democratic nomination for U.S.

Senate in the 2006 primary. Orman said, "There is a great national debate going on

for the heart and soul of the Democratic party. Let the battle begin here and now in


Orman said, " What sealed my discontent with Lieberman was the famous kiss

that President Bush planted on him after this year's State of the Union Address."

"Our party's Senator is no longer a Democrat. He has joined the Republicrat Party.

After 17 years as a safe seat Senator, Joe has lost touch with his party and with his state."

Orman declared," Just as Lieberman indicated in 1988 that Lowell Weicker was a

sleeping bear in the woods who was an arrogant incumbent, Lieberman has crossed

over into that same forest. Joe is a minority member of the national minority party who

has a worse attending record in the Senate than Lowell Weicker ever did."

Orman noted, "Lieberman was wrong on his support of Bush's claim that the Social

Security System is in crisis. He was wrong to support Bush's war on terror diversion

into Iraq. He was wrong to support Attorney General Gonzalez for confirmation.

Lieberman should just join the Republican Party."

Orman observed, "Lieberman has ignored his Connecticut Democratic base of seniors,

working women and men, students, teachers, liberal Democrats, progressives and others.

Regardless of whether I decide to run for the U.S. Senate nomination against Joe

Lieberman, the Senator has been put on notice that he will be challenged."

Orman was the Democratic candidate for U.S. House of Representatives in 1984

in the 4th Congressional District who ran against Stewart McKinney. In 2000

Orman was the Connecticut citizen who stepped forward to challenge Joe Lieberman

for running for two different national offices at the same time. When Orman started to

file official complaints in September ,2000 he made it a national issue. By October 2000

the issue had become a state issue and the Quinnipiac Poll reported that 45% agreed

with Lieberman and 46% disagreed with him running for two offices at the same time.

Orman is the author of five books including PRESIDENTIAL SECRECY AND



CELEBRITY POLITICS (co-author Darrell West). Orman has appeared on CNN, Fox,

ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR, BBC and other networks talking about politics in America.

He is frequently quoted on American politics in national newspapers and publications.

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